How Kinesiology can help you live your best life ………………

Kinesiology is a holistic and natural therapy which taps into the body’s innate wisdom and intelligence. It is particularly useful to clear blockages that are stored in our energetic system that prevent us from moving forward into our best lives.

Kinesiology is commonly defined as the science of balancing energy and works to uncover the under and over energy in a person’s system then correcting it through healing techniques determined via muscle testing.

Much like acupuncture, kinesiology is based on Chinese meridien theory and looks to clear energetic blockages that threaten our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states.

The process is very much a collaboration between the practitioner and client. The Kinesiologist is a facilitator of the process, but it is the clients’ innate intelligence and knowing that is crucial to seeing the real benefit of change from this wonderful holistic therapy. The process can be fun, cathartic and extremely rewarding; especially when you experience real shifts in energy.

If you are feeling stagnated, unsure or held back on any level, Kinesiology can help you on your path to becoming the very best version of yourself.

Dalia Gross is a Kinesiologist and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. She has joined the team at Hawksburn Health and is offering some starting specials.

  • 15 minute free consultation to find out more about Kinesiology.
  • Initial session (90 mins) $100 (normally $150)
  • Subsequent session (60 mins) $85 (normally $100)

You can call 9939 6887 or book online

About Dalia:

After having her children, Dalia left her career in events management and began searching for a career path that was more in line with her intuitive, empathic and holistic sensibilities. Fortunate enough to have found the transformative powers of Kinesiology, Dalia returned to study and completed a Diploma in Kinesiology, and after running her own practice for several years and is now thrilled to be joining the wonderful team at Hawksburn Health.