Chinese Herbal Medicine may sound foreign, distant and exotic, but chances are they are more common than you may think. Ginger, cinnamon, liquorice root, Chinese dates, peppermint, ginseng, rose buds, chrysanthemum and goji berries are all Chinese Herbs that you may find in your formulas.

Two thousand years of research and clinical experience document the use of medicinal formulas in the treatment of disease. Many of the most effective herbal formulas for modern day concerns like insomnia, anxiety and period pain were first penned (or literally carved onto bamboo) some 2000 years ago.

Each herb possesses a unique flavour and quality which allow it to influence the body in a particular way. Individual herbs are combined to form a herbal prescription. These formulas are tailored specifically for each individual and focus on correcting the underlying cause behind symptom patterns.

At Hawksburn Health we love our herbs, and although you may not like how they taste, you will love the results they bring. There are different ways of taking Chinese Herbs;

Raw Herbs: Being committed herbalists at Hawksburn Health we believe in raw herbs. Raw herbs are the strongest form of herbal medicine as these herbs are in their most natural state, cut and dried and ready to be cooked up. Once your practitioner has prepared a formula specifically for you Spotify Plays, you will need to boil them up into a tea. It may feel like a lengthy process, but it’s all part of the journey towards better health. If you put in the effort, you will reap the rewards! Although they quite often don’t taste fabulous, most people get use to them or hold their noses when they drink them.

Granules: Granules are also quite common as they offer great therapeutic value at the same time as providing a quick and easy, no-fuss approach. The herbs have been processed, their essence extracted and dried into a water dissolvable form. Granules form a tea when added to hot water and do a great job of healing the body.

Pills, capsules and tinctures; Pills, capsules and tinctures are not as strong but provide therapeutic value to those on the go or those that cannot stomach the taste of herbs they have to cook up!