Chinese Medicine & Fertility

Preconception Care
Chinese Medicine can help couples who wish to start a family or who are struggling with fertility issues. In providing health solutions to fertility problems and improving overall health to enhance fertility, we have supported many women and men in their journey to creating a healthy baby.

Infertility is a devastating experience for many couples, affecting both men and women. In about 35 per cent of cases, it is due to the male; in roughly 50 per cent of cases it is due to the female, in about 5 per cent of cases it is due to both partners. 10 per cent of cases remain unexplained.
The key to successful conception is a strong foundation. We strongly believe that health people make healthy babies!
Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or participating in assisted fertility treatment, the period of time before you conceive provides an opportunity to make the changes you need in order to optimise your chances of conceiving.
Improving your body through diet, activity and general lifestyle will help create an optimal environment to grow and nurture a baby and increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. As part of this process we will address any underlying health conditions that may impact your chances of falling pregnant naturally such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and male factor infertility.
Preconception care takes about three to six months, which is about the time it takes for the sperm and eggs to completely regenerate so we ask for your patience and commitment to this process.
Understanding that everyone has their own timeframes, we will do our best to work within yours.

Chinese Medicines is used to:

  • Prepare the body for conception by balancing hormones and promoting optimal health and wellbeing
  • Manage gynaecological conditions such as pre-menstrual tension, amenorrhea, ovulation
  • problems, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, blocked Fallopian tubes and embryo implantation issues
  • Improve the quality of cervical mucus
  • Improve and thicken the endometrial lining to prepare the embryo for implantation
  • Improve male sperm quality – count, motility and morphology

We believe healthy people make healthy babies. Preconception planning helps you to identify the health concerns and other issues that prevent you from being the best you can be. The healthier you are, the healthier all your cells are – right down to the eggs and sperm that will form the building blocks of your baby’s very structure.

Growing evidence over the past five years indicates that maternal and paternal health at conception and maternal health during pregnancy is a strong determinant of the health status of the adults (who were formed from that conception), especially in relation to their susceptibility to obesity, adult onset diabetes, cardiovascular disease, risk of cancer and mental health. Evidence shows that the health of both parents before and during pregnancy is strongly associated with healthy development and general health in adulthood.

There are many benefits to understanding what is normal in your cycle and knowing how your body works. Charting the signs gives you and your practitioner a tool to see clearly how your treatment is working for you. Frequently, we see women’s menstrual cycles become regular again with clear signs of ovulation as their hormonal balance is re-established.