The team at Hawksburn Health will assist you to understand your health and restore equilibrium within the body through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. Chinese medicine treats the body as an integrated whole. This 5000-year-old medical system provides a holistic approach to the treatment of disease, employing techniques such as acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary therapy and lifestyle advice to facilitate deep, sustainable change. Chinese Medicine encourages all aspects of the body to function smoothly and efficiently.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner seeks to understand the whole person in the context of their whole life and environment, addressing all the things that contribute to imbalance. Restoring harmony and normal function to optimise health and fertility is the goal. TCM is also focussed on preventative medicine as its sensitive diagnostics can often perceive small problems before they become bigger problems. These treatments restore the body’s internal systems and functions to encourage a return to the natural state of balance and well being.

Health takes place when our body is strong from the inside out. Our organs function optimally. Our immune system is strong. We wake feeling energised and rested. We manage and dissolve stress that comes our way. We breathe deeply, we sleep deeply and we have infinite amounts of energy and calm.

Chinese Medicine at Hawksburn Health is a path taken by passionate individuals wanting something more from their experience. It is largely a choice placed firmly in your own hands, and is nurtured by our Supportive practitioners. In their hands, healing becomes an educational and enjoyable experience.

We are here to offer a new and unconventional perspective of healthcare about how the body functions, how symptoms arise and how your health can be restored. Here at Hawksburn Health we use Chinese Medicine to facilitate health and change.

We want to offer;

  • Long-term and sustainable change
  • Clear goals and treatment plans
  • Understanding around the vital role you can play in your own health and recovery
  • Open communication and collaboration with other medical professionals
  • The highest quality treatment available in the field of Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine can provide amazing treatment options and guidance for a broad range of health concerns. Any symptom, syndrome or condition that impacts negatively upon your lifestyle, energy levels, immune system, clarity or wellbeing can be smoothed out and supported. Chinese Medicine simply allows for a better experience of health. Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture are the cornerstones of Chinese Medicine treatment. They work fabulously together to orchestrate big change. Treatment often combines 2000 year old methodology with current research and symptom patterns. All treatment methods aim to correct the underlying cause of disease.