What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a profession that is widely known to link the principles of art and science of the human body.  With this respect of the body’s own capabilities to heal and integrating high levels of understanding of human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics Osteopaths are able to attain a picture of your health and what areas require assistance. Your body is not seen as a variety of joints held together but ligaments and muscles with an intricate network of blood flow, nerve and hormonal systems. Rather Osteopathy views the body and all its system as a coherent functioning network that needs to communicate and synchronise in a balanced and harmonious way to function optimally.

Osteopaths go through a thorough medical history, detailed observation and physical examination to piece together the puzzle of your health.  Once all the clues are put together, your Osteopath will use their finely tuned hands to provide gentle Osteopathic techniques to support your body towards health, and maintaining that state of health.

Biodynamic Osteopathy

Biodynamic Osteopathy or Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (OCF) is more than just treating the head! This approach is looking at all the systems of the body and how they impact on each other and the whole. The muscles, joints, ligaments, organs, blood supply and drainage, nervous system and hormones all need to communicate.

We look at how they developed, how they function and how they integrate with each other.  This is all taken into account during treatment.  The idea of tracing back to the root cause is also key to treatment. We are trying to establish a link to the primary cause and thus unravel some of the patterns the body innately holds so we can function every day.

This compensation is cleverly adopted by our bodies over weeks, months and years but is not an effective or efficient way to function.  With OCF, the aim is to find the primary cause of your symptoms and slowly return your body to its optimal functional capacity while alleviating symptoms and discomfort whilst also improving mobility and function. This is all achieved by gentle contact anywhere on the body for the best results and helps prevent recurrence of similar symptoms or developing further injury.

The Origins of Osteopathy

Dr Andrew Taylor Still, just like his father, trained and worked as a medical doctor on the frontiers of the USA in the 1800s. He spent a big part of his time honing his skills in nature – observing and learning from her beauty, power and wisdom.  When faced with multiple family tragedies, he struggled with what he felt were limitations in his medical training. He was so inspired with the lessons he learnt from natural law that were continually occurring right in front of him.

Dr. Still applied his extensive knowledge, understanding and respect for the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body with the somewhat unknown power of Mother Nature.  He soon realized that the mind, body and spirit connection was paramount to the general wellbeing and healing of our bodies.  He was so devoted to and passionate of this cause that he soon developed a huge following and Osteopathy was realised in 1887.